Digital Skills for government

Do you wish to develop responsible digital citizenship in your country?

Is your government pursuing digital transformation of its public service provision?

Do you wish to upskill your human capital ?

Promote citizenry’s use of E-Government, digital tax collections, public and civil service

Flexible mode of training and implementation

Ability for the government to manage the platform

Address SDG4 and SDG10 by removing barriers to accessing quality education

Effective application of Universal Services and Access Funds


Scalable mode of training and implementation

Control and manage the platform, ensuring security and privacy

Digital literacy forms the backbone to implementation of any technology-driven initiatives by governments.

1 – Empower governments

Digital literacy forms the backbone to implementation of any technology-driven initiatives by governments. 
We provide our training solutions to empower governments to quickly deploy and manage sustainable digital literacy training initiatives. 

2 – Digital Skills for all

Our solutions are used by governments to address digital skills training for :

  • Public sector workforce
  • Public education learners before they transition to tertiary education
  • The general citizens

3 – Multiple deployment offline and online

Our solution for governments enable multiple deployment formats serving both well-resourced cities and communities with minimal access to digital technologies. 

4 – Accountability: cost effective and scalable 

Financial scalability is a key concern for public projects that seek to benefit millions of citizens. 
We work with both governments and development partners to develop commercial models that are practical and sensitive to budget constraints.


“Another great quality of the Manual is the flexibility that allows the teacher to contextualise and implement blended learning within the level of infrastructure, curriculum content and current status of the teacher capacity. This is golden and the key to success of blended learning where we need not look at digital divide, we implement from current environmental status and develop digitally.”

John G. Kimotho, Director Educational Media at Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development