We offer five licensing options for individuals as well as large groups of up to 1,000 people who would like to undertake a certification process.

These modules are: Digital Literacy for Citizens, Digital Literacy for Professionals, Competencies for Digital Coaches, Competencies for Employment, and Competencies for 21st Century Teaching.

Subscription Models – contact us for more information!

These subscription options are offered for a variety of courses at varying costs. The module details are outlined below and include the time commitment as well as the cost per person.

These subscription models were designed for large groups of up to 1,000 people. If your group is larger than this, please contact us directly using the link at the top of this page.


Digital Literacy for Citizens

  • Digital Competency Passport “Essentials” – 5 hours
  • $50 per person

Digital Literacy for Professionals

  • Digital Competency Passport for Employment – 50 hrs
  • $100 per person
art of teaching

Competencies for Digital Coaches

  • Digital Competency Passport for Employment – 50 hrs
  • The Art of Teaching for Preservice Teachers – 20 hrs
  • $150 per person

Competencies for Employment

  • Financial Literacy – 25 hrs
  • Employability Essentials – 25 hrs

  • $100 per person

Competencies for 21ST CENTURY Teaching

  • Digital Competency Passport for Educators  – 40 hrs
  • Teachers Getting Started – 25 hrs
  • Teachers Getting Started – Intermediate – 20 hrs
  • Teachers Wellness – 25 hrs
  • $200 per person