About Digital Skills Foundation

WE ARE… the sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective training solution for the digital age.

Our programs span essential areas such as foundational digital literacy, employability skills, financial literacy, and modern teaching/learning techniques for educators and students. 

We work at scale with governments, non-profits, private corporations, and educational institutions. Our courses are designed to meet the exacting needs of our clients and structured to increase productivity, improve skills and equip individuals with the tools needed for technological integration. We provide our partners with the data they need for knowledge-based decision-making and the evaluation of their projects.

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Our Story

Founded in 2017, Digital Skills Foundation (DSF) is a French social enterprise focussing on digital literacy as an essential building block for development. We take pride in establishing collaborative partnerships and crafting bespoke training and capacity-building solutions for our clients.

Today, digital literacy is as important as traditional literacy skills. Our mission is to cultivate competencies that empower everyone to thrive amidst the exciting yet ever-changing challenges of the digital age.

Empowering Progress: Contributing to UN Development Goals

At Digital Skills Foundation, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact aligned with the United Nations Development Goals. Specifically focusing on Goals 4 (Quality Education), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), and 10 (Reduced Inequalities), we are committed to providing accessible and quality education, fostering economic empowerment, and actively working towards reducing inequalities.

Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to empower individuals, communities, and organizations, contributing our part to the broader global agenda for sustainable development.

Equipping teachers with the pedagogical and digital skills they need to best prepare their students for higher education and/or employment.

Equip a large number of people with the behavioural and financial skills they need to be employable.

Equip a large number of people with the digital skills they need to navigate and integrate safely into today’s digital landscape.

Explore our collection of case studies to gain insights into how our programs have influenced communities and individuals. Click below to delve into these stories and see the positive changes we’ve helped facilitate.


Deliver sustainable scalable and accredited training to effectively close the skills gap and increase employment opportunities.


Creating equality by bridging the skills gap.


We embrace diversity, recognizing that together we can achieve more. Our commitment extends to fostering inclusion for all.


Endless opportunities for excellence. In our world, the concept of “impossible” doesn’t exist; we thrive on challenges and turn them into triumphs.

Our International Impact

21st century skills encompass critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and digital literacy. These are fundamental for navigating and thriving in today’s complex world.

Through partnerships with public and private players, we are working to generate opportunities and ensure that everyone has the resources and skills necessary for success. DSF contributes to quality education; enabling employability, and the reduction of societal inequalities.

The map below showcases DSF’s regional impact, reflecting a global community actively engaged in transformative upskilling.

Discover how DSF has impacted the lives of learners around the world. Read first-hand experiences and success stories from individuals who have transformed their skills and careers through our courses.


Project Master Trainer and Teaches ICT for Level 3 and CHEMISTRY from Level 4 to Level 6 in Rwanda

DSF training has provided education leaders, teachers, students, and me with essential skills to use and manage ICT tools for teaching, both online and in-person. These courses have empowered us to infuse creativity into classrooms, adapt to change, and implement project-based learning. We also learned to manage stress, grief, and trauma, and support students through challenges. I’m grateful to DSF for these invaluable courses and hope every educator and student can benefit from them.

Robert BONDA

Teaches Mathematics & Integrated science Grade 5,6 and 7 at Taferadziko primary school, Vubwi district in Zambia

The digital skills course has changed my career, putting my students at the forefront of the teaching process. Thanks to DSF, they can work on assignments and projects independently and leave feedback on group platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp. Learning now happens non-stop, even during holidays, allowing for hands-on activities. Students create and print documents and enjoy computer drawing because it is exciting and engaging. The future is bright, and I am grateful to DSF for this valuable course.


Trainer at RUNDA TSS in KAMONYI DISTRICT in Rwanda

Before the Digital Skills Program, my teaching methods were limited. The training introduced me to new methodologies, like using Kahoot, Google Forms, and Padlet. It’s improved my emotional management and refined my teaching techniques, leading to better student productivity. I’m grateful to the Digital Skills Foundation, RTB, and GIZ/GOP for this transformative training. Thank you for your support and blessings to all!

Siphosethu TAFEN

Teaches Maths, Life Orientation, and Creative Art at Little Angels, South Africa

In April 2023, I completed a Digital Skills Foundation course, boosting my computer proficiency. This directly influenced my teaching style, incorporating tools like PowerPoint. I advocate for more teachers to access these courses, enhancing computer skills and saving time. Digital literacy is crucial, enriching teaching through digital resource integration. The course even improved my basic tasks, like emailing documents, significantly impacting my daily work.


Teaches Design UI/ UX, Apply basic graphic design, and ICT at APEKI TUMBA TSS in Rwanda

I earned certification in digital literacy, along with courses in pedagogy and wellness. Collaborating with students, I recognized the importance of classroom changes to boost their confidence and self-help skills. Certification is crucial for enhancing capabilities and expanding proficiency in any field.


Mathematics teacher at Mpungu CS in Namibia

Embracing 21st-century teaching pedagogy has revitalized my teaching after many years. Moving from traditional methods to a digital approach has transformed my classroom into an interactive learning space. I’ve incorporated methods like classroom flipping and Kahoot quizzes, significantly boosting student engagement. The ‘Teachers Wellness’ course was particularly impactful, providing essential skills in emotional intelligence. I’ve learned that a healthy, happy educator is invaluable in the learning environment.

Chrispin SITALI

Head of Business Studies and the IT Department at Luwingu Boarding Secondary School in Zambia

DSF revolutionized my teaching. By integrating DSF skills into Computer Science classes with innovative, project-based activities, I improved my approach. The program introduced a Junior Secondary Computer Studies class and offered priceless DSF certificates, enhancing students’ professional credentials. Beyond the classroom, certification opens opportunities for students to showcase their digital literacy skills. DSF significantly influenced my personal and professional development, creating an energetic and forward-thinking educational atmosphere.


Teaches ICT in S2, S3, & S4, GS Kabusunzu in the Nyarugenge District, Rwanda

I really learned a lot from taking this course. It helped me change my classroom and my students were more engaged now than before. I started using both flipped and blended learning styles. In class, I use flipped learning, and in face-to-face sessions, I use different ICT tools. My students are now able to better collaborate on projects and cooperation as well as active participation has greatly increased. I believe that all teachers could benefit from digital literacy.


Teaches computer literacy at APEKI TUMBA TSS in Rwanda

I completed all three courses successfully. My understanding of technology in teaching expanded, particularly in creating digital lesson plans, teaching groups, and 21st-century education. I’ve seen increased student self-confidence as they share their research. Digital tools have sparked a newfound interest in learning among my students. It’s crucial for teachers to adapt to new teaching methods and incorporate these tools, effectively revolutionizing the classroom experience.


First-year student majoring in Politics and Public Administration in South Africa

I completed the Digital Literacy course in April 2023 and found it invaluable, especially for creating impactful PowerPoint presentations. Confident these courses will benefit my future studies and career, I recommend fellow students to enroll. Digital literacy is crucial for our generation. Interestingly, many of my peers share a desire for more Excel practice.


Upper Primary Teacher Kakoma Primary School, Eastern Province in Zambia

DSF’s ICT training transformed my teaching at Kakoma Primary, a rural school in Chasefu District. Now, my Year 7 students use computers, stay safe online, and engage with exciting lessons. The training simplifies teaching; if students don’t understand something, a quick computer demo helps. I use YouTube videos to enhance learning. Digital literacy is the future, and DSF’s certification is invaluable. I recommend it for everyone, as it’s a path to essential skills in the digital era.


Recent graduate in electrical infrastructure from South Africa

Completing the Digital Literacy course was beneficial, especially for formatting my CV. With a free laptop and the skills to use it, these courses will greatly benefit my future studies and career. I recommend enrolling, as digital literacy is crucial for our generation. Plus, there’s an opportunity for a free laptop. On a lighter note, my peers and I share enthusiasm for enhancing our Excel skills.


Teaches 11th and 12th-grade English and English Literature at Liquidnet Family High School at the Agahozo-Shalom Village in Rwanda

Introduced to Digital Skills Foundation courses in May 2022, I completed several and gained valuable skills. Learning to read privacy policies and adjust settings improved my online safety. Updating antivirus software became routine after losing documents. These courses transformed my teaching, emphasizing collaboration, authenticity in research, and student engagement. I recommend them for their broad applicability in communication, cybersecurity, and digital trends. They offer practical skills, like emphasizing email security, valuable in daily life.

Zintle RWEQE

Student majoring in Small Business Management in South Africa

I learned about the digital literacy and 21st-century skills courses through Sheena’s email. Completing the Digital Literacy course helped me create my CV and provided essential skills for my studies and career. I recommend these courses to students my age for valuable knowledge, as digital literacy is crucial in today’s tech-driven world. I’ve noticed many peers using LinkedIn for networking and career opportunities, emphasizing our generation’s focus on online connections.

Meet the Leadership Team

Our team has extensive experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. The leadership is drawn from a diverse field of professions including teaching, publishing, education technology, and senior government.

Annemijn Perrin – Saeijs

President & Founder

Annemijn is based in France and approaches challenges with a positive outlook. She excels at developing projects in unique international environments alongside diverse teams. Driven by a desire to succeed, she believes that through mistakes, we learn the most. “Improvement and finding solutions in complex situations motivate me each morning,” she says.

George Werner 

Senior Advisor for Education & Partnerships

George, based in the United States, has high standards, strong values, and a deep sense of integrity. As a former Minister of Education and Director General for Civil Service, he brings invaluable guidance, insights, and experience, helping us grow and strive for excellence. His kindness and honest feedback foster a stronger team.

Andy Free 

Head of Business Development

Andy, based in the United Kingdom, has extensive experience in global markets, data, and entrepreneurship. He inspires others with innovative ideas and serves as a mentor to the younger generation. He is a valuable team member who brings positivity and a sense of humor to the workplace.

Guillaume Perrin 

Chief Financial Officer

He is based in France and has extensive experience as a business leader; which makes him one of the cornerstones of DSF. Creative in terms of development ideas, but rigorous when it comes to money, and steady as a rock when things get rough. He is the person you should speak to for anything regarding finances.

Simon Laire 

Project Architect

Simon is based in France. His insatiable curiosity, ability to learn new things, and interest in diverse cultures enable him to connect with all kinds of people. He excels at fostering partnerships, finding solutions, and engaging in constructive dialogue. He is an excellent sparring partner when it comes to tackling challenges.

Delhia Cornillon

Project Director | Rwanda

Delhia, based in Rwanda, possesses remarkable speed, tenacity, and energy. She leads the Rwandan team to ensure smooth project implementation. Delhia is persistent in her pursuit of satisfactory solutions, and her dynamic nature brings fresh ideas and an infectious sense of humor to the team.

Susanna Ackermann-Burger

Education Leader

Susanna, based in South Africa, has over 20 years experience in the education sector on the African continent. With her positive attitude who always sees the best in everyone and everything, she keeps us all in a positive vibe. She excels in teacher professional development, e-Content development, advocacy, project conceptualisation, project management and implementation.

Chloe Mathijsen Greenwood

Marketing & Communication Manager

Chloe, based in France, is an exceptional communicator with a head full of ideas. She brings relentless energy to her role, and her enthusiasm is contagious, motivating the team to collaborate effectively. She is a dynamic team player, constantly striving to improve our communications and marketing efforts.

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