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At Digital Skills Foundation (DSF) we don’t just offer courses; we’re igniting a worldwide revolution. Born in France and now spanning continents, we’re partnering with entities from governments to non-profits, ensuring the digital era is accessible to all.

We advocate for equal access to the tools that the digital age has brought. Our training programs allow people from all walks of life to acquire and develop the digital literacy skills necessary for success in today’s world. However, not only that, we focus on the employability skills and financial literacy adeptness that will allow you to gain better access to jobs and climb the ladder to your personal and professional success.

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Our Story

Founded in 2017, DSF is a French social enterprise focussing on digital literacy as an essential building block for development. We take pride in establishing collaborative partnerships with our clients, and meticulously crafting bespoke training and capacity-building solutions. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each project and training realm, spanning government, corporate, educational, and individual contexts, our adaptive approach ensures relevance across diverse needs.

In today’s dynamic landscape, where digital literacy parallels traditional literacy skills in significance, DSF holds a steadfast commitment to inclusivity. Our mission is to cultivate competencies that empower everyone to thrive amidst the exciting yet ever-changing challenges of the digital age. At DSF, our vision transcends conventional education; we’re dedicated to arming individuals with the requisite skills for success and active engagement in the digital realm.

We aim to equip everyone with the digital and behavioural skills needed in a constantly changing economy, and to ensure that everyone has the ability to play a relevant role in a pertinant, fair and sustainable way. Through partnerships with public and private players, we are working to generate opportunities and ensure that everyone has the resources and skills necessary  for success. In doing so, DSF contributes first and foremost to quality education, to enable access to decent work, and to the reduction of societal inequalities.

Empowering Progress: Contributing to UN Development Goals

At Digital Skills Foundation, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact aligned with the United Nations Development Goals. Specifically focusing on Goals 4 (Quality Education), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), and 10 (Reduced Inequalities), we are committed to providing accessible and quality education, fostering economic empowerment, and actively working towards reducing inequalities.

Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to empower individuals, communities, and organizations, contributing our part to the broader global agenda for sustainable development.

Equipping teachers with the pedagogical and digital skills they need to best prepare their students for higher education and/or employment.

Equip a large number of people with the behavioural and financial skills they need to be employable.

Equip a large number of people with the digital skills they need to navigate and integrate safely into today’s digital landscape.


We advocate for universal digital inclusion, leaving no one behind. It’s our mission that everyone is able to navigate and thrive in an interconnected world.


Empower, Inspire and Enable everyone to realise their full potential for a sustainable future.


We embrace diversity, recognizing that together we can achieve more. Our commitment extends to fostering inclusion for all.


Endless opportunities for excellence. In our world, the concept of “impossible” doesn’t exist; we thrive on challenges and turn them into triumphs.

Our International Impact

Learners Worldwide

Explore Digital Skills Foundation’s global impact! Our programs transcend borders, reaching individuals worldwide. The map below showcases participating countries, and the live counter above reflects a growing community actively engaged in transformative education.

Our Dream Team

Our team of impact-driven professionals, with considerable and broad experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors, is always excited to connect with new partners in order to assess and address a wide range of skill-related challenges in any geographical setting. We prioritize data-driven decision-making: which is why we always provide our partners with the essential data to aid in the shaping and implementation of large-scale education programs and give them the tools to be able to evaluate their impact.

Annemijn Perrin – Saeijs

CEO & Founder of DSF

She always sees the positive in a challenge and loves to develop projects in uncommon international environments with diverse people. With a drive to succeed, impossible is not a word that she uses and she feels that through errors, we learn the most.
“Improvement and finding solutions in complex situations make me get up in the morning smiling.”

George Werner 

Senior Advisor for Education & Partnerships

George has high standards, high and unbreakable values, and a conscience present in the whole of DSF. George provides guidance, insights, and a wealth of experience as a former minister of Education and Director General for Civil service. This allows all of us to grow and strive to the maximum. His kindness but also his honest opinions make us better as a team.

Susanna Ackermann-Burger

Education Leader

Susanna is our Alice in Wonderland. With her positive attitude who always sees the best in everyone and everything, she keeps us all in a positive vibe. A problem does not exist, it could be a challenge, but nothing is unsolvable. She is our Alice in Wonderland giving a bit of her magic daily. She and Elsa lead together the educational areas.

Laurie Sestier  

Digital Learning Manager

Laurie with her great smile and immense patience is our IT/Moodle fairy. Laurie has over 15 years of experience in IT support and has the skills and patience to transform anything complicated into something simple. Amazing!

Laurie works from the French HQ and is in charge of the running of the platform as well as the content development for DCP. You will see her shortly in the face to face training for the French speaking projects.

Andy Free 

Business Developer

Have you ever seen Peter Pan flying through the air, saving people, inspiring others with new ideas, and coaching others? With his experience of the world, data, and entrepreneurship, he is a pillar for the younger generation to learn from and the rest of the team to listen to. A great partner to have on the team and always in for a laugh.

Simon Laire 

Project Development Manager

Never a dull moment with Simon as he changes constantly. His consistent curiosity that never seems to end, his ability to learn new things and his interest in new cultures, allow him to meet all kinds of people. He loves the exchange, finds solutions and builds partnerships. Simon is a great sparring partner if you are looking for a solution to your challenge.

Elsa Debieuvre

Administrative & Project Manager

Elsa loves people and making sure that they are all in the right frame of mind. Not an easy job, but we have to say, she is making it work!

Elsa is in charge of training. With her extensive experience as a teacher, a mom and as a project manager, she is our allrounder in many ways. She finds solutions, brings the team together and manages the training process with a rigorous process and a smile.

Albert Iyakare 

Project Manager | Rwanda

Albert is one of those people that never stops until the job is done. He has a heart for service and for making a difference in the project and will stop at nothing to make Rwanda education evolve.  He will call people until they get the job done. He is friendly, passionate and a great asset to the dream team.

Isaie Kubwimana

Project Manager | Rwanda

Isaie radiates a calm demeanor, always keen on providing context for better understanding. But when he takes the stage, his passion and unwavering commitment to results truly shine! As a valuable member of our Rwandan Dream Team, he embodies the “Force Tranquille.” Don’t mistake this tranquility for laid-back; Isaie is anything but, and his energy is contagious.

Chloe Mathijsen Greenwood

Marketing & Communication Manager

Chloe has her head spinning with ideas when she arrives at the office every day. Communication is her middle name and she is awesome at it. With all these changes being put in place and her relentless energy to get it all done within no time, she is a difficult one to follow as you need a huge amount of energy. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she gets everyone to work together. a great team player.

Mathieu Giraudo

Finance Manager

There is no one more reliable with numbers than Mathieu. Never in a panic, even when the rest of the team is, he goes steady to the numbers and with a reassuring smile, comes up with a solution that gets everyone past the stress.

Delhia Cornillon

Project Director | Rwanda

If you want to see speed, tenacity, and energy, our Speedy Gonzales, Delhia, is your lady. She heads up the Rwandan Dream team as the Project Director to ensure that the implementation is on track. She does not take No easily and will continue to push until she has a satisfactory answer. Never a dull moment, always ideas for solutions, and never too tired to have a giggle.

Mike Rahhal

Data Analyst

Mike is a quintessential member of the DSF family : caring, sharing, family ie team. He is doing amazing things with data. He makes them talk, makes them visual, and helps everyone to improve on all aspects of DSF.

Moreover, with his calm smile and great communication skills as well as the ability to make data simple for all of us, it feels like he has been with us for years and we are lucky to have him.

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